So why did we choose an AARDVARK?

Yes, an Aardvark hole is upsetting to a farmer! 😡And isn’t the hole mostly situated in the middle of the road? 🙆🏽‍♂️An Aardvark is a solitary, nocturnal, semi-fossorial mammal, spending most of its time resting in self-dug burrows from which it emerges at night. It is territorial and feeds solely on ants 🐜 and termites.

Why is an Aardvark so important to nature? 🧐

Due to its burrowing activities, an aardvark is considered to be a keystone species; impacting its community and ecosystem in a vital way.
The burrows excavated by an aardvark provide thermal refuge for a wide variety of species, and its foraging activities expose food sources for commensal feeders and promote plant germination. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Did you know? 👆🏽
An Aardvark’s sticky tongue can reach up to 30cm long! Jip! As long as a ruler!😳

Have you ever seen those claws of an Aardvark? It can break termite mounds, that otherwise only a strong man with an axe would be able to destroy.
It can consume 50 000 termites in one night
making it an efficient regulator against termite plagues.- Remarkably weird animal! ⭐️
Weirdly ugly - no wonder, the San believe that it has been put together from all the ‘rest parts’ when God created animals! 🧐

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